Rooting For You by Roz Alexander

Release Date: October 18, 2022
Kindle & KU / Goodreads
Clover Hill Heat Level 2

Their chemistry may be picture perfect, but how much can Fisch and Jaeeun grow before time runs out?

Botanist Fisch’s life in Clover Hill is small. Getting physical distance from her tense relationship with her mother was supposed to give her room to breathe. Instead, she’s created a new cage for herself, spending most of her time isolated and working on other people’s projects instead of her own dreams. Admitting she’s lonely is the first step. Doing something about it seems much harder.

When traveling photojournalist Jaeeun Kupperman comes to town, it’s a wake-up call like no other. Jaeeun’s hot, talented, sweet, and the proud cat parent of one perfect angel named Dan. Faster than Dan can take down a dandelion, the two butch women are mutually smitten. But the sun is setting as both of them search for their next assignments and Fisch realizes it’s past time to branch out just as Jaeeun considers planting roots.

They might both be eager to sow the seeds of love, but will they be brave enough to keep it growing? Or will Jaeeun leave Fisch in her rearview mirror when the golden hour is over?

Rooting for You is a butch-for-butch love story between two Jewish lesbians (one white-Ashkenazi, one Korean-American-Ashkenazi) told from Fisch’s perspective.